About Us

Howdy! You’ve reached this website, mostly by Google search or by a friend mentioning it. We post a collection of songs the users will submit that they sing, play, or came across on this little blog/website. We will typically post Christian genre songs, original songs, and other popular ones. If you enjoy them too, share them with family and friends! Post them on your profile! We give direct purchase links for all songs posted here, and proper copyright info. We want to support all these artists with their musical creations. Be sure to donate, purchase the song, or listen to it on their Spotify/YouTube music link


I’ve been playing piano by ear since 2010. Essentially taught on my own. I know the Tennessee number system and can hear numbers when I listen to music. So I love to share my collection of lyrics and chords to songs I enjoy. I’ll try to correct any chords I see are wrong on the site.