Big Enough – Joseph Habedank – Lyrics Only

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Artists: Michael Farren and Joseph Habedank
Album: Welcome Home
Year: 2014

Welcome home cover

Verse 1:
I’ve got a heart that’s full of faith-filled helplessness,
There are mountains ahead that I can’t move by myself,
But I know when I’m weak, He’s strong,
When I can barely breathe, there’s still a song,
Even though it’s hard right now,
I’m not here on my own…

So when it seems it can’t be done,
I know God is big enough,
I can run the race I’m called to run,
Cause I know God is big enough,
He’ll finish everything He starts,
He’ll meet us right here where we are,
I can feel faith rising up,
I know God is big enough.

Verse 2:
On the days that the shadows of doubt make me feel small,
I’ll declare that I don’t stand in my strength at all,
Cause I won’t live a day You didn’t plan,
Every single moment is in Your hands,
Even if the whole world shakes,
You’re the Rock on which I stand…

Bigger than the fear that surrounds me,
Bigger than the chains that have bound me,
Bigger than the story my past could tell,
Bigger than the weight of tomorrow,
Bigger than the hurt and the sorrow,
Bigger than the lies I’ve told myself

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