It Was Jesus – The Wisecarvers – Lyrics only

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Album: Armor | Artist: The Wisecarvers | Releast date: December 11, 2015 | Genre: Christian/Gospel

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Artist: Kaila Nichole Martin Wisecarver
Publisher: Asheville Music Publishing / BMI
Publisher: Chris White Music / BMI
Album: Armor
Year: 2015
Artist: The Wisecarvers

Verse 1:
Try to walk out the door at a quarter til 8
Spill my coffee on the floor now I’m 20 minutes late
Come speeding ‘round the curve slam my foot on the brake
Traffic’s at a stop no choice but to sit and wait
Thought it was faster on the interstate
But as I slowly move ahead I see flashing lights, blue and red
And it occurs to me, as clear as can be, that He was looking out for me

Like when the cancer’s gone like it was never there
Not one cut of a knife just a word of prayer
It’s plain to see, no doubting Who it could be
When your money’s all gone but your bills are all paid
Didn’t borrow a dime, just gave all you had away
It’s not supposed to work that way
You might say I’m just lucky or a little bit superstitious
But I know it was Jesus

Verse 2:
Six months to a year that’s all you have left
I’m so sorry, dear, that’s as good as it’s gonna get
Your heart starts to pound and your knees grow weak
You think to yourself I never thought it would happen to me
Dear Lord, don’t let it be
Doctor visits come and go, oh and then the next thing you know
You look at him, you see a little grin and he tells you you’re free to go

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