Just One More Soul – Greater Vision – Chords & Lyrics

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Just One More Soul
Artist: Greater Vision
Key: F

Cause if [Bb]just more soul,
Were to [F]walk down the isle,
It would be [C]worth every struggle,
It would be [F]worth every [F7]mile,
A [Bb]lifetime or labor is [F]still worth it [Bb]all,
If it re[F]suces, [C]just one more [F]soul!

Verse 1:
The [F]preachers are weary, the singers are tired,
The [C]church as we know it, is[F] losing it’s [F7]fire,
[Bb]Some are discouraged from [F]bearing the [Bb]load,
But We [F]must, determine, to[C] keep pressing [F]on!

Verse 2:
So [F]preachers, keep preaching
And singers go sing,
[C]Laymen keep sharing that [F]Jesus is [F7]King,
The [Bb]angels are gathering,
Their sur[F]rounding the [Bb]throne.
And they’ll [F]start, rejoicing,
For [C]just one more [F]soul.

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