Live Like Jesus – The Collingsworth Family – Lyrics only

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Artist: The Collingsworth Family
Album: Mercy & Love
Year: 2018
Composer: Rebecca Peck
Composer: Dianne Wilkinson

Verse 1:
Open up your Bible, this is what you’ll find
A whole lot of help through the trials of life
Testimonies of the saints of old
Pointing us to the Lord as we travel this road

You just, walk like Enoch
Worship like Abel
Lead like Moses and Pray like Daniel
Witness like Peter, Endure like Job
Oh, Pray like Paul on the Damascus road
Praise like David with a brand new song
Go like Phillip and Love like John
Preach like apostles in a world gone wrong
Live like Jesus till He take you home.

Verse 2:
When you’re discouraged, and don’t know what to do
Read about how the Lord takes His children through.
Start at the beginning go to Revelations end
and when you get done, just read it again!

He was faithful (to Abraham and Sarah)
Faithful (with a widow woman’s barrel)
Faithful (to Gideon’s army)
Faithful (to the thief on Calvary)
Faithful (when He rolled away the stone)
And He’ll be faithful till He takes us home!
Keep moving on!

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