Only Little Lamb – The Simpson Family – Lyrics Only

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Verse 1:
I bet the other ninety nine are doing just fine
with the Shepard there to watch them all night long
I should have never gone astray and now I’m the devil’s prey
I wonder if the Shepherd even knows I’m gone
I feel my death is near, then the Shepherd’s voice I hear
He must be mad, because I’ve run away
but He comes and picks me up. I’ve never seen a greater love
I’m not good enough for Him to treat me this way

When I’m lost He comes to find me. When the storm rolls in He hides me
He makes sure I’ve got water even the desert sand.
When there’s enemies He protects me. When I’m wrong then He corrects me
Any time there is trouble there in front of me He stands
From the outside looking in you would think I’m His only little lamb

You would think with so many lambs, losing one wouldn’t be so bad
But He’s been faithful taking care of me like I’m the only lamb He has!

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