The Drinking Song – Tommy Bates – Lyrics Only

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Verse 1:
If you’ve been drinking the old wine, you need something new 
Let me tell you about I high I found. I got a fix for you 
You can’t find it in a bar room. You can’t sip it like a pill 
But it comes straight out of Heaven. Oh you’ll know it’s real 

Have you ever been so drunk, that you didn’t know your name?
So intoxicated, on something you can’t explain 
Have you rolled across the floor. That they had to pack you home.
Let me tell you ’bout a new wine I’ve been drinking on

Verse 2:
You can’t put new wine in an old bottle. There’s got to be a change 
Life that you’ve been living has got to be rearranged 
If you think the old is better then you won’t agree 
But if you’re looking for something different, come go drinking’ with me 

We’ll go down to the river. Go to be baptized 
We’ll go drinkin’ at the fountain. I’ve heard it won’t run dry 
We’ll stop at the well where the living waters flow 
I’ll let you meet my Father, Introduce you to the Holy Ghost