What if I gave you everything – The Brimms – Lyrics only

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Artist: The Brimms
Album: If You Say Go
Year: 2018

What if I gave you everything
If I surrendered all of me
Obey the voice that I hear calling
Trust in the plan that you have chosen
What if I gave u everything
If I surrender all of me
If I would just let go, and let God have His way.

Verse 1:
I have made a mess of things time and time again
Thinking I know best for me, ending in regret
Wanting things in life to bring, all the dreams I have for me
Feeling Lord, so lost inside, the emptiness I’ve tried to hide.
I feel your spirit drawing me, to come before you honestly
Repenting of my selfishness and pride. I lay myself, Lord, at your feet.
Knowing only you can see, my heart longs for your presence in my life

What peace I’ve found when fully I surrender
I never should’ve waited for so long
And now I’ve just begun to see the, beauty that can only be ,
when I have truly given all of me.

Chorus 2:
Lord I give you everything I surrender all of me …

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